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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

2016 Senior Games Update - Again

I used the online registration system for the Senior Games and attended the kickoff lunch for Henderson County today. Based on those experiences, some additional information is available for the Henderson and Transylvania Counties Senior Games.

Henderson County

Registration is now open and ends March 31. Pickleball will be played at the Athletics and Activity Center on May 6. I spoke with one of the organizers who advised that pickleball is open to non-residents of Henderson County.

Online Registration is available at HCPRD.COM.

Registration is a 2-step process. The online system was developed by the state of North Carolina and is used by all counties. Therefore, a single account must be established first, including the selection of one or more counties in which a user chooses to participate. The second step is to select the games - pickleball in our case - individually for each county of choice. At this point, payment to the selected county will be required.

Transylvania County (Land of Waterfalls)

Registration is now open and ends April 15.  Online registration is available at The registration link at the county site will open the same state window as described above.  

Pickleball will be played April 29 at Connestee. 


Remember the "Find a Partner" program available should you want to play but do not have anyone to play with.

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