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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Out Front

Make practice fun...

Jordan Briones continues his Primetime video series with another dink drill. This drill focuses on hitting the ball out in front raher than allowing it to get close to your feet. The video is titled #1 Dink Killer | The Main Thing That's Killing Your Pickleball Dinks

The theory that drives Jordan's discussion is that the single biggest negative impact on players' dink games is allowing the ball to get to the body. This causes players to make adjustments such as wrist snaps that have bad results.

Instead, Jordan states that players should hit the ball in front of their body in order to make a more consistent dink. He uses a visual to illustrate the danger zone.

The cones (or tape or whatever you have) are the target for your drill partner. It is your job in the drill to hit the ball before they hit the cones. That means getting low and hitting the ball in the before it bounces well in front. This has the added benefit of hitting ball back to your opponent more quickly and giving him less recovery time. This drill also shows you how to stay at the NVZ line without backing up - always a good thing.

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