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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Is Anything "Good Enough"?

Excellence is an attitude...

First, I'M BACK!. It has always been my intention to provide a new post every day (with the exception of Recycle Sunday, of course). But I was a co-tournament director of the Land of the Sky tournament this past weekend. The tournament work and following recovery were too overwhelming to allow blogging. I have finally recovered enough to have a new post, although not an original one. It is Thursday and that means it is DJ Howard's turn.

DJ's tip this week is all about attitude.

DJ's weekly tip:

Good enough isn't good enough.

Wanna move up a level? You have to get better and be better more consistently.

A philosophy that says, "just get it in and that's good enough" is NOT good enough! 

The higher you go in level, the better you have to be at each aspect of the game.

In an interview after winning a Gold Medal Tyson McGuffin recently told me (and expressed to the Forum), "I have to take some chances on my serve, even if it means I make some mistakes."

Of course. He understands that good enough simply isn't good enough!

If you aren't challenging yourself and taking some chances to hit stronger serves, hit more stinger-type serve returns, hit some faster or more spin-type dinks, or rip some volleys, then you're likely settling for "good enough". And I'm sorry, that's just not good enough as you progress thru higher levels of play.

Pro players do not think in terms of "good enough" and neither should you. Keep striving for better and practice toward that end.

Til next time, keep reppin'!


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  2. Thank you for the advise. I completely agree that if we want to develop, we must work at it and make progress along the way. This is one of my favorite aspects of Pickleball as a sport. It's a breeze to pick up. Thanks to a beautiful paddle from, I'm still learning the basics as a rookie, and I'm getting better.