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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Treatment of Pickleball Injuries

Pain is just a state of mind...

An interesting post from the Pickleball Forum.

How much time should you take off for various injuries:

1. Bruise from getting hit by opponent’s shot — call them a nasty name and keep playing
2. Slightly twisted ankle from opponent moving you around — Call them a nasty name and keep playing
3. Slight muscle pull from chasing opponent’s lobs — call them a nasty name and keep playing
4. Broken finger — tape it up and keep playing
5. Sprained ankle — doctor says take a month off — laugh at the doctor, and play the next day.
6. Pulled hamstring, doctor says take 6 weeks off — call him a nasty name, take one day off and then keep playing

7. Broken arm — doctor says take 2 months off — ignore advice and play the next day with the other arm.
8. Broken leg, doctor says take 10 weeks off — tell doctor they are nuts, play the next day with partner who can cover most of the court.
9. ACL surgery, doctor says NFL players take a year to recover — call them all wimps, take 2 days off and get back out there.
10. Knee or hip replacement — well, it’s a replacement, so I’m good to go right away.
11. Diagnosed with any serious disease — that ain’t stopping me from playing at all.
12. Dead — ok, MAYBE I’ll take a week off on that one.

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