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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Gym Search in Hendersonville - a Survey

Most local players in the Hendersonville area are aware that the facilities at Crosswalk are no longer available. This leaves a large number of players who desire competitive pickleball without a suitable place to play. We will begin a search for new facilities with the start of the new year when folks return from holidays and facility operators are back in business mode. Before we begin discussions with gym owners in the area, it would be beneficial to get a feel for what players are wanting with regard to cost, location and hours. The following survey attempts to gauge specific areas of interest.

Several points should be noted before completing the survey.
  • It should only be completed by players interested in continuing Crosswalk-like play, i.e., intermediate level competitive play with skill development.
  • It should only be completed by players willing to follow through with a commitment to pay and play.
  • All players who are interested should be counted. One thought is that approaching gyms with a significant number of committed players improves the chances of reaching a win-win arrangement at reasonable costs.
Thank you for helping to move the process forward.


  1. If the time allowed to play is only evening, I would then commit to only twice a week.

  2. I would be interested in an evening league, not open pickup, and would be able to participate one evening per week.