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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Consistent Groundstrokes

Last week we talked about the strategies of the return of serve. Since that shot is just a groundstroke, it might be helpful to review some of the basic techniques of the stroke. We started with that yesterday and will continue today with a Mark Renneson video called Better Groundstrokes.

Mark focuses on the contact point to establish a consistent swing that can be replicated time after time. The contact point should be about thigh high and in front of the body.

The player should position their bodies so that the ball does not force them to reach or jam their arm into their body. the swing should be i a comfortable position.

The same principles apply to the backhand groundstroke. It should be hit about thigh high and out in front.

Establishing a consistent contact makes for a better shot. Mark makes that clear in his video.

But the trick is to get into the proper position to strike the ball at the same spot. That means moving your feet and being prepared to move before the shot. Another video from Pickleball Rocks shows the constant foot movement required.

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