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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pickleball Meeting in Brevard

From Deb Richter:

Hello Transylvania county pickleball players and Friends of Transylvania County ie folks who play at the rec. center in Brevard:

I hope all of you had a nice Thanksgiving and have enjoyed these last couple of days on the courts, working off a few of those stuffing calories. Now it's time to get to some business. 

The county rec center has indicated that pickleball would be considered more seriously if we had a "program". A few ideas have surfaced, but it would be great to have a potluck social meeting where we can gather ideas from the players, explain the ideas that have been collected, maybe hear from rec leaders what they envision, and most importantly, demonstrate our numbers and our passion for the sport. 

So you and all your pickleball friends are invited to gather at the rec center on Thursday, December 3 at 530 pm for a potluck dinner/meeting. We'll see what kind of interest, and energy there is in the community to grow this wonderful sport. This should only take 90 minutes. Please join us, bring ideas, passion, a dish and your best "can do" attitude. 

Deb Richter, USAPA Ambassador, Connestee Falls 877-2543

It is important that pickleball enthusiasts from around the area support actions such as these. Many players from outside Transylvania County play in Brevard and a formal county program would be a wonderful continuation of the pickleball growth efforts for the entire area.

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  1. Please note - this event has been postponed until the new year.