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Thursday, December 17, 2015

10 Essential Tactics

Many of the posts to-date are basic playing tips. Mastery of the basics will take you a long way toward success in pickleball. But there are at least 10 essential tactics that will help you regardless of whether you have mastered the basics or not.

So far, my posts have explicitly stated or touched on 4 of these essential tactics. It is now time to start collecting these in a post. I will add to these as they are developed in posts.

1. Always get your serve in

2. Keep the ball in play

3. You must get to the kitchen line

4. Use the soft game and dinking

1 comment:

  1. I respectfully disagree as to the four points.

    1. If you execute an excellent serve deep and hard into the can win the point. I play with players that merely get the ball into play.

    2. Yes...keeping the ball in play until that magical moment where you can put it away is good...that is an absolute!

    3. Closing the net is important...but not necessary all the time. There are times when the opposing team decides to go into a lob mode. The best strategy is to stay slightly back and then move in. Another suggestion is for one player to move into the net and be the designated active aggressively player, while the other player stays back and receives the lob and puts it into play where the net player can end it by an overhead, slam or dink.

    4. The soft game and dinking is a good strategy, but if I serve, return hard and deep and close the net and the ball is at a good height...I will put it away. I play with a gal that has soooo many opportunities to put the ball away but elects to let the ball drop and go into the dinking mode


    Dr. K. Hargiss