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Chapter 15

Tennis vs. Pickleball

Pickleball vs Tennis - And the Winner is...     (Posted 12/31/2015)

Transitioning from Tennis to Pickleball     (Posted 1/28/2016)

Can Pickleball and Tennis be Friends?     (Posted 12/24/2016)


We Need Referees - an Opportunity     (Posted 7/11/2016)

Referee Clinic     (Posted 10/25/2016)

Why you Should be a Referee     (Posted 10/26/2016)

Sarah on Referees     (Posted 10/27/2016)
> Sarah Ansboury & RV Picklers - Pickleball Volunteers

Referee Certification     (Posted 10/28/2016)

Referee Training Success     (Posted 9/5/2017)

Player Ratings

New Player Ratings System     (Posted 5/28/2016)


Sports Tourism and Pickleball     (Posted 12/31/2016)

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  1. Thought this reference might be worth posting (for those with a tennis background) -

    A brief intro to the link reads...

    Tennis Pickleball
    What is Tennis Pickleball? In short, it is how tennis players play pickleball. When they first play pickleball their game starts out almost as mini tennis. That is, their game is more tennis than pickleball.

    Their natural transferable skills get them into the game of pickleball quite quickly and for most they transition without too much effort and grow to love the game so much that they become converts of it.

    read more here: