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Chapter 14

The fourteenth chapter of the book A Pickleball Life contains links to posts about equipment. Click on the link below to show the full post.

Paddle Tips from Sarah     (Posted 12/5/2016)
Sarah Ansboury & RV Picklers - 3 Keys to Choosing a Pickleball Paddle

More on Choosing a Paddle     (Posed 12/6/2016)
> Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle

Re-gripping a Paddle     (Posed 8/14/2017)

Product Review: Amazin' Aces Bainbridge Paddle     (Posed 9/21/2017)

USAPA Ball Specification Revisions     (Posted 11/17/2015)
> USAPA - List of USAPA/IFP Approved Tournament Balls

A Pickleball Controversy?     (Posted 10/20/2016)
> Keith Bing - PIckleball Bounce

Thoughts about the Ball     (Posted 10/21/2016)

> Sarah Ansboury & RV Picklers - The Pickleball Ball…Changes, Preferences and Practice

Pickleball Bounce Test     (Posed 9/14/2017)

Pickleball Practice Ball Machine - Simon     (Posted 6/6/2016)
> Pickleball Rocks - SIMON The Pickleball Machine

Tutor Ball Machine Review and Drills     (Posted 12/27/2016)
> Jordan Briones - Pickleball Tutor (Pickleball Machine) Review

Practicing with a Ball Machine     (Posted 12/26/2016)
> Sarah Ansboury - Practicing with a Pickleball Ball Machine

Pickleball Shoes     (Posted 6/3/2016)
> Keith Bling - Pickleball Shoes
> Sarah Ansboury & RV Picklers - Court Shoes…Your Feet will Thank You

Foot Pain - Shoes and Other Help     (Posted 6/13/2017)
> Barbara Wintroub & RV Picklers - Oh My Aching Pickleball Feet…Avoiding Foot Pain

Premier Pickleball Post System     (Posted 6/9/2016)
> Pickleball Channel - Gear Talk: High-End Multi-Use Courts

Ball Picker-Upper     (Posted 6/9/2016)
> Pickleball Channel - Gear Talk: Ball Picker-Upper with Steve Paranto

Product Review: Pickleball Pic     (Posted 9/23/2017)

Ball Hopper and Catcher     (Posted 6/9/2016)
> Pickleball Channel - Gear Talk: Pickleball Hopper & Catcher with Beverly Youngren

Offbeat Sunday: Backyard Courts     (Posted 11/27/2016)

Temporary Nets     (Posted 8/26/2017)

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