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Thursday, September 8, 2016

An "Earn the Net" Drill

Many drills focus only a single skill, e.g., volleys, dinks, etc. Those are great as far as they go. Sarah Ansboury has developed a nice drill that works on the multiple skills needed to advance from the baseline to the kitchen line, as well as a few other skills thrown in. It is a great drill in that both participants work on the same shots in a seamless transition started with a lob.

Sarah describes the drill as follows:

This drill is for all levels of player, working on third shot, drop shot, volleys, blocking, overheads, lobs and running down lobs. You can make adjustments for your level. one player starts at the back line while working their way to the No Volley Line to reset the point, once there they lob the other person and the process is reversed.

Sarah has a video called Pickleball Drill showing how she and Stephanie Lane use the drill to give each other a good workout.

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