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Friday, January 29, 2016

Hendersonville Rec General Meeting - Jan 28

A meeting of pickleball players at the Henderson County Athletic and Activity Center was held during scheduled play hours on January 28. The primary intent of the meeting was to discuss alternatives to managing the growing number of players on the 3 fixed courts. Several alternatives were described by Ken Weitzen and Julie Fister prior to a vote of those present.

The ultimate choice, in a close vote, was for paddles to be aligned in two rows. One row would include the paddles of the winning team as they leave the court. The other row would include the paddles of the losing team from the same game. The first four paddles from the winners row would play together and the first 4 paddles from the losers row would play together. The process would continue throughout the scheduled play.

 a side note, I did not hear how the row is selected to fill the next available court. That is a clarification I need to determine.

This rotation of play method would be put in place whenever 8 or more players are waiting to play. Otherwise, the normal single row of paddles would be used. When the alternative method is used, the game is also shortened to 9 (from 11) and win by 1 (not 2).

My thought is that this is a good first step but I tend to believe that it is an issue that will be revisited in the future.

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