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Land of the Sky 2018 Courts

The Land of the Sky Pickleball Tournament is being held at Xcel Sportsplex, an indoor facility with 18 temporary courts.

The lighting system is currently traditional gym lighting providing excellent vision for pickleball. But improvements will make it even better. LED lighting is currently being installed and is expected to be completed by tournament time.

The floor is vinyl, with a pebbly finish that helps give players more grip, reduces ball skidding, and cuts glare. The floor provides for a softer feel than hardwood or asphalt. It is an excellent surface for pickleball.

The facility is long and narrow with adequate width for 3 courts and length for 6 rows of courts. One end of the facility has a balcony with limited seating.

Views from the balcony provide a nice perspective of the play.

The facility also has a cafe where food and drinks will be available throughout the day.

Xcel Sportsplex is in a great location between Asheville and Hendersonville at the intersection of I-26 and Asheville Hwy (Rte 25). It is located near the airport and several hotels.

Look for the sign and the big building set well back from the street.

Click the image below to visit the Xcel website.

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