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Chapter 8

The eighth chapter of the book A Pickleball Life contains links to posts about the fast game, the part of the game where quick volleys and smashes generally conclude the rally. Click on the link below to show the full post.

The Basic Volley     (Posted 12/27/2015)
> Norm Davis - Pickleball volleying
> Poach PB - Pickleball Volley Lesson

Offensive Volleys     (Posted 12/28/2015)
> Deb Harrison - Poke Stroke
> Deb Harrison - Swing Volley, Defending Against Bangers, Part 3

Proactive Volleys     (Posted 12/29/2015)
> Deb Harrison - Proactive Volleys

Conversions - Resetting the Point     (Posted 3/8/2016)
> Deb Harrison - Reset the Point
> Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - Drop Volleys in Pickleball
Think "Forward"     (Posted 5/10/2016)

Recognizing Volley Mistakes     (Posted 7/13/2016)
> Pickleball Channel - 3 Mistakes to Avoid when Volleying

Defending the Drop Shot     (Posted 12/19/2016)
> Deb Harrison - Returning the Third Shot Drop

A Video - Reset the Point     (Posted 3/23/2016)

Six Rules of the Fast Game - Part 1     (Posted 6/13/2016)
> Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - Pickleball Strategy -- Win More Net Points

Bangers     (Posted 1/17/2017)
> Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - In Praise of Bangers: Why We Should Thank Hard Hitters

Playing Against Bangers     (Posted 1/18/2017)
> Sarah Ansboury & RV Picklers - The Key to Playing Against Bangers

Defending the Drop Shot from the Odd and Even Courts     (Posted 12/20/2016)
> Deb Harrison - 3rd Shot Drop Defense from Odd Court
> Deb Harrison - RE-release of 3rd Shot Drop Defense from Even Court

The Overhead Smash     (Posted 1/2/2016)
> Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - How to Hit Quality Overheads in Pickleball
> Deb Harrison - How to Hit an Overhead

Overhead Advice from the Experts     (Posted 6/7/2016)
> Sarah Ansboury - Three Tips For Overhead Smashing
> Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - Overhead Movement

Poaching     (Posted 1/22/2016)
> - Poaching
> Mullet Mike - I like my Pickleball poached

Poaching: Sarah's View     (Posted 7/15/2016)
> Sarah Ansboury - How to Poach Like a Pro

Poaching: Mixed Doubles Troubles     (Posted 7/16/2016)
> Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - Ask A Coach: Mixed Doubles Troubles

NVZ and Volley Drills     (Posted 3/3/2017)

Volley Drills     (Posted 12/30/2015)
> Pure Pickleball - Volley 1 on 1 Multiple Balls
> newlevelopportunity - Pickleball Volley Drill

Simple Drop Shot Drill     (Posted 1/27/2017)
> Pickleball Channel - Simple Drill to Improve Your Drop Volley - Pickleball Quick Tip

Another Simple Drop Shot Drill     (Posted 1/28/2017)
Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - Pickleball Strategy - How to Handle Fast Balls

Another Drop Volley with Drills     (Posted 1/26/2017)
> Pickleball Channel - Defend Against Hard Hitters by Taking Pace Off the Ball

Overhead Drills with Lobs     (Posted 1/4/2016)
> Pure Pickleball  - Overhead Drill

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