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Chapter 7

The seventh chapter of the book A Pickleball Life contains links to posts about lobs, primarily during net play. The chapter includes skills, strategies, and movement while defending the lob hit by opponents. Click on the link below to show the full post.

The Lob     (Posted 1/3/2016)
> Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - Pickleball Lobbing Technique
> Deb Harrison - How to Hit a Lob

Hitting the Offensive Lob     (Posted 3/21/2017)
> Deb Harrison - How to Hit a Lob

> Sarah Ansboury & RV Picklers - Pickleball Lobs…To Lob or Not to Lob

Offensive Lob from the NVZ Line     (Posted 3/17/2017)
> Prem Carnot - The Pickleball Lob Shot: A Winning or Losing Strategy?

Use the Lob to Gain Advantage     (Posted 3/18/2017)
> Pickleball Channel - The Secret of the Lob

When to Hit the Defensive Lob     (Posted 3/30/2017)
> Sarah Ansboury - You Ran Down the Pickleball Lob…Now What?

A Lob Does Not Change Your Strategy     (Posted 4/1/2017)
> Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - Don't Fear the Lob

Anticipating the Lob     (Posted 4/3/2017)
> Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - Anticipate the Lob

Moving as a Team Part 3 - Defending the Lob     (Posted 1/18/2016)
> Deb Harrison - Running Down a Lob

Running Down the Lob     (Posted 9/24/2016)
> Sarah Ansboury
 & RV Picklers - Running Down a Lob…a Pickleball Must

Defensive Lob Positioning     (Posted 3/31/2017)

> Sarah Ansboury - Running Down a Lob SAFELY

Team Movement on a Defensive Lob     (Posted 4/4/2017)
> Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - Be Better Handling Lobs

More NVZ Drills - Offensive Lobs     (Posted 3/22/2017)

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