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Chapter 13

The thirteenth chapter of the book A Pickleball Life contains links to posts about etiquette and player rotation systems. Click on the link below to show the full post.

Etiquette - Make Fair Line Calls     (Posted 2/29/2016)

Etiquette - Before Serving     (Posted 3/1/2016)

Etiquette - When the Rally Ends     (Posted 4/13/2016)

When does Gamesmanship Cross the Line?     (Posted 5/4/2016)

Is it OK to Hit Another Player     (Posted 7/26/2016)
> Pickleball Central - Pickleball: A Contact Sport?

When You are the Better Player     (Posted 9/14/2016)
RV Picklers - When You are the Better Pickleball Player

Playing Up and Down in Open Play     (Posted 9/15/2016)
> Sarah Ansboury - Pickleball Open Play: Playing Up and Down

How to Play Up     (Posted 9/13/2016)
> Prem Carnot - How to Graciously Get to Play with Better Players (a.k.a. How to Make Sure You’re NOT That Person Everyone Hates Playing With)

Offbeat Sunday: Trash Talking     (Posted 5/1/2016)

Playing with Friends     (Posted 1/22/2017)
> Prem Carnot - Pickleball friends: Making it work on and off the court

Pickleball and Relationships     (Posted 2/5/2017)
> Prem Carnot - How Pickleball Impacts Relationships

Pickleball Stereotypes     (Posted 5/27/2017)
> Mark Renneson - Pickleball Stereotypes

The Illegal Server - One Tactic     (Posted 5/30/2017)
> Jeff Napier - A Bit of Psychology

The Illegal Server - More Actions     (Posted 6/2/2017)
> Mark Renneson - How to Deal with an Illegal Server

Play Well With Others     (Posted 9/29/2017)

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