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Chapter 11

The eleventh chapter of the book A Pickleball Life contains links to posts about drills. Click on the link below to show the full post.

Practice Makes you Better     (Posted on 9/5/2016)

Drill Baby Drill     (Posted on 12/2/2015)
> Deb Harrison - Pickleball Tidbit: Drilling

Aspen's Advice: Drilling     (Posted on 3/13/2017)

Effective Drills     (Posted 9/6/2016)
> Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - Are Your Drills Duds? 

How to Practice      
Posted 9/7/2016)
Sarah Ansboury - Focused Pickleball Practice

Practicing Indoors     (Posted 12/28/2016)

Service Drills     (Posted 12/26/2015)

Serving Pactice     (Posted 3/12/2016)
> Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - Pickleball Strategies: Serving Strong

Ground Stroke Drills     (Posted 12/11/2015)

Return of Serve Goals     (Posted 11/29/2016)
> Sarah Ansboury - Return of Serve

A Topspin Drill     (Posted 8/10/2017)

Third Shot Drop Drills     (Posted 12/20/2015)
> David Majick - Baseline Drop Shots
> Deb Harrison - The Third Shot
> Pickleball Channel - Third Shot Drill

Drop Shot Drill     (Posted 9/9/2016)
> Pickleball Channel - Improve Your Drop Shot with this Easy Drill

Drop Shot Drill from Deb     (Posted 12/16/2016)
> Deb Harrison - Don't Stop the Drop

Training for Better Third Shot Decisions     (Posted 9/28/2017)
> Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - Pickleball Decision-Making Training: 3rd Shot Drop vs. Drive

An "Earn the Net" Drill     (Posted 10/7/2016)
> Sarah Ansboury - Pickleball Drill

Dinking Drills     (Posted 12/1/2015)
> Poach PB - Pickleball Dink Drills

The Dink Game      (Posted 6/24/2016)
> Deb Harrison - The Dink Game, Pt 1

The Dink Game - Anything Goes      (Posted 6/25/2016)

A Fun "Dink" Drill     (Posted 12/23/2016)
> Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - Pickleball Dink Fun!

NVZ and Basic Dink Drills      (Posted 3/8/2017)

More NVZ Drills - Moving Dink Drills      (Posted 3/10/2017)

More NVZ Drills - Dink Practice Games      (Posted 3/11/2017)

More NVZ Drills - Offensive Lobs     (Posted 3/22/2017)

NVZ and Volley Drills     (Posted 3/3/2017)

Volley Drills     (Posted 12/30/2015)
> Pure Pickleball - Volley 1 on 1 Multiple Balls
> newlevelopportunity - Pickleball Volley Drill

Simple Drop Shot Drill     (Posted 1/27/2017)
> Pickleball Channel - Simple Drill to Improve Your Drop Volley - Pickleball Quick Tip

Another Simple Drop Shot Drill     (Posted 1/28/2017)
Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - Pickleball Strategy - How to Handle Fast Balls

Another Simple Drop Shot Drill     (Posted 1/28/2017)
Mark Renneson – Third Shot Sports - Pickleball Strategy - How to Handle Fast Balls

Overhead Drills with Lobs     (Posted 1/4/2016)
> Pure Pickleball  - Overhead Drill

Keep Your Eyes on the Ball - A Drill     (Posted 5/24/2017)

The 3D Game     (Posted 1/26/2016)

1-2-3 Drill     (Posted 11/3/2016)

Deep, Deep, Drop, Dink     (Posted 11/4/2016)

The 6 Player Team Game     (Posted 2/5/2016)
> - Pickleball 6 Player Teams

Skinny Singles     (Posted 5/21/2016)
> Quad Cities Pickleball Club - Skinny Singles

Will Skinny Singles Replace Regular Singles     (Posted 9/16/2017)

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